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I dedicate fully to helping people heal and thrive. I am a 5 times certified Theta Healing practitioner and a Yoga teacher trained in India, in the Himalayas, at Sattva Yoga Academy, certified by Yoga Alliance (200h).




  • Vishen Lakhiani, founder of @mindvalley , shares about the power of Theta brain waves. Thank you, Vishen, for such inspiration. We can all benefit from learning how to access and make the most of Theta brainwaves. #thetahealing
  • Today at Mindvalley Live 2019, Eric Edmeades spoke about beliefs: "Beliefs need to eat. And what do beliefs eat? EVIDENCE." Beliefs take charge in your brain. Beliefs will look for confirmation in reality. This is something I notice time and time again in myself and people I work with. 
Beliefs assign meaning to everything. Then, you create reality through that meaning. If your belief is “no one likes me”, a compliment will mean “she just said that” and an insult will be just confirmation. 
The beauty of it? You can unlearn and re-learn. Your brain is plastic. There are ways to break the patterns of thinking. It’s unfamiliar, it’s uncomfortable, but it’s worth it.

Thank you, @ericedmeades, for making belief work a global topic of conversation, here @mindvalley !
  • The day before yesterday, Turkey started a war. Today, a global community is meeting in Istanbul for @mindvalley Live - a movement set out to uplift global consciousness. Irony? Or... Coincidence? We can do so much more for global peace. Do we know how? And if not... can we at least follow and support those who are attempting?

Here I am - finally meeting the community I have been feeling a part of for years. Few books have resonated as much as Vishen Lakhiani’s “Code of the Extraordinary Mind”. Few podcasts have made their way into my every single day, as did Mindvalley Podcast. Today is the official start of Mindvalley Live - this global gathering of those who believe transforming inner worlds is transforming outer worlds. We’re here to upgrade our idea of what is possible. I’m here to see how Mindvalley is making mental health support and human transformation available globally.
  • On International Day of Mental Health, I invite you to take a close look at the world inside you. Is there any heaviness? Is there struggle? Do you find yourself overwhelmed with emotions, but brush them off or find it too hard to deal with? There is no shame in asking for help. Contact a therapist, someone you resonate with, for meditation, psychotherapy or meditation therapy - TODAY. Write to the first person that came to mind. Find the practice that works for you and listen to your body. There are ways to feel and live better. You deserve to not just survive. You deserve to thrive. <3
  • Open your heart to the sky. 
  • Dynamic stillness.
  • www.bright-living.net
  • To stand in your own power in any situation. Just one of the beautiful teachings of Yoga. 
  • Silence is something you learn and build. As you learn to create it within yourself on the mat, you learn to create it in any circumstance, no matter the outside noise.
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