Why I'm here

My name is Ema and I’m here in the name of the transformational power of meditation and Yoga in people’s lives, as well as on my own. My goal is to offer these practices to the world at large, to help reduce violence and combat depression.

6 years ago, I practiced my first yoga session. I had no idea back then it would completely transform my life. After some time, I was let know by my medical doctor I no longer need my inhaler. My asthma had disappeared.

do I do

Healing for those who need it most

​Every person deserves to heal and thrive, despite their socio-economic background, despite experiencing illness, conflict and abusive situations. Working with vulnerable categories is crucial to healing our world as a whole.

Our communities will thrive if our people do

As a social business, Bright Living creates healing opportunities for people in vulnerable situations, connecting them with healing experiences. This allows them to access their inner resources, intuition and innate wisdom.

Why Yoga and Meditation

Join the next session! Come to @ Sattva YOGA Journey in the park (Bucharest), on September 30th

Mental Benefits

A session creates the space for your thoughts to be released. You learn how to clear your mind and how to react when you feel overwhelmed with emotion.

Emotional Benefits

These practices develop emotional awareness and intelligence. This way, you learn to work with your emotions instead of blocking them or becoming their victim.

Physical Benefits

Movement and breathwork oxygenates the body, brings it back to alignment and installing a general feeling of wellbeing, resulting in longterm health and being less prone to illness.

How to get started

Free resources

Start learning for free using the resources I provide on this website. Watch the videos and read the articles available for everyone.

Private & Group sessions

I am honored to be your guide. Let me know whether you’d like to book a private meditation therapy or yoga session.


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