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A journey into social entrepreneurship and yoga

Originally appeared on Interview by Maria-Antoanela Ioniță “Sometimes, you feel compelled to start things even though you don’t really know how it’s going to work, but then in time

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I dedicate fully to helping people heal and thrive. I am a 5 times certified Theta Healing practitioner and a Yoga teacher trained in India, in the Himalayas, at Sattva Yoga Academy, certified by Yoga Alliance (200h).




  • ~ There's a limit to your love ~ 
Love day, you say? 
Well, let’s talk about FEAR. 
Fear can only exist in the absence of love. If there is love, there can be no fear. 
Love is limitless. But, just like water, it needs an unconstricted channel to flow. Are you that channel?
Is love flowing through you?
Or are you constricting with fear?

When you understand that your mere existence is a proof of love, your every breath is a proof of love, you stop questioning whether or not you are loved. You know it as truth. And then you see love all around you. 
If someone refrains from showing love, it’s because they are afraid. If they’re not afraid, it’s because they have not been able to connect with that part of themselves that feels the love. Either way, you loving FIRST, you showing love FIRST, will solve both elegantly.

Move in the direction of LOVE. 
But your love has to be unconditional. Free of expectations. No “if, then...”. And unconditional love doesn’t mean lack of boundaries. You’re not a carpet. We can love monkeys, but that doesn’t mean we let them in our living room. We love them and set them free to be what they are - not what we would like them to be.

Sometimes unconditional love means letting someone know how you feel about mis-treatment. Sometimes unconditional love means letting someone go. It means forgiving. It means putting someone through less of your worst. 
Love in infinity. Love boundless, fearlessly. Love so much but you cannot help to do what is best for yourself - FEARLESSLY. Hold others in love - and give them the credit that they WILL be able to understand and know your truth. 
What would you do if you chose LOVE instead of fear?
  • Education and mental health go well together. So happy to hold space for Yoga and meditation for bright kids, while discovering the free-learning environment in @rubikagileschool ! 
Thank you, @luizaapostu , for this invitation! 

#yoga #meditation #kids #yogakids #yogakidsfun
  • New blog post on @bright.living_  bio. Read the story of how Bright Living came to be - and why I’m dedicating my life to mental health. So happy to be interviewed by @sustaincommunity ! Thank you, @mariaantoanela !
  • [Ultimele trei locuri]
Când totul e haos în jurul tău, propria ta ființă poate fi un centru de stabilitate. Când ai o minte puternică, nu vei fi destabilizat de evenimentele din jur - ci le vei vedea ca pe oportunități de creștere și învățare. Meditația e un antrenament extraordinar pentru minte și îi vei vedea instant beneficiile în viața ta. 😌 Meditația nu înseamnă să alungi gândurile negative - ci să înveți să stai cu ele și să le dai un spațiu pentru a fi procesate în mod natural. 😌 Meditația te învață să stai cu evenimentele care îți produc disconfort și să îți reglezi emoțiile în mod sănătos - astfel încât nu mai reacționezi, ci răspunzi :) 😌 Meditația creează unde theta și alpha în creierul tău, care sunt profund liniștitoare și vindecătoare. După câteva minute de meditație, te poți simți ca și cum ai dormit profund câteva ore :) E important să știi cum, când și cât să meditezi. Și, mai ales, să ai la îndemână o tehnică testată și care chiar funcționează. De aceea îți propun tehnica de meditație pe care am învățat-o la Sattva Yoga Academy, la poalele munților Himalaya.

Te aștept mâine (marți) seară la workshop. <3
Înscrieri în mesaj privat! Mai sunt doar trei locuri :)
  • Yoga and meditation have completely transformed my life in all aspects. Since I discovered these magnificent practices I’ve improved my health and let go of so many self-imposed limitations. That is why I decided to share the practice with more people, just as I was taught in Rishikesh, India, at the base of the Himalayas. Let these ancient techniques land right into your home. Get the Udemy course and let me guide you through a journey back to yourself. ~ Link in bio ~
#yoga #meditation #udemy #sattvayoga #sattvayogaacademy
  • How are you feeling today? Are you experiencing any heaviness and negativity? Using your own breath you can improve your state. Today I'm sharing 🌟Breath of Light 🌟 - one of my favourite calming breath practices. I recorded this on my graduation day - so I still had painting on my forehead 😆 Take five minutes and practice with me. 🙏 Filmed at the base of the Himalayas - so you may hear the river and birds <3

Link in bio @bright.living_
  • ~ New video upload ~ 
My name is Ema and I wasn't supposed to be a meditation therapist and Yoga teacher. I was struggling with my health, body image insecurity and a couple of mental issues (neuroticism, anxiety etc). But as I became a student of these ancient practices, things started to change. I healed from asthma and other chronic issues; I transcended fear and insecurity. People around me were very surprised. But I knew I had become unstuck and there was no way back :) When I decided to become a teacher, I thought I would experience a lot of opposition and controversy. Instead, I experienced tons of support. Like something was pulling me strongly towards that direction. I let go of my career in communication and PR and let go of all previously constructed stories about myself, my abilities, what I can do and what I cannot do. I shared with others and stood in wonder with results with every session. That's why, today, I'm sharing these practices with people of all ages, from all over the world.

My extended mission is to bring these practices to vulnerable communities. Because income shouldn't have a say in access to healing.

If it calls to you, I'm here to hold space for your transformation.

e-mail: ~ Link in bio ~ 
#yoga #meditation #transformation #healing #healingjourney #thetahealing
  • Just completed 500 hours of Yoga Teacher Training in the Himalayas. 500 hours learning how to teach people to use their own breath, to use movement, hand gestures and primordial sounds to transcend, to create stillness, calm if needed, or energy, commitment and stay power if needed. To refine one’s own consciousness, because we experience life at the same frequency we reverberate. 
Yoga is how people in the Himalayas 6000 years ago knew how to say “unity”. “Unity within nations. Unity with nature. Unity within the heart and the mind.” My life’s work stands for that.
Time to go back home and share.
  • ~ Coming back to dynamic stillness ~ 
Stillness doesn’t have to be static. There can still be dynamism in silence and things you perceive as still.
But by going back to stillness you allow everything to arrange itself.
If you have a puzzling question - you will find the answer in stillness. Meditate. Breathe consciously.
If there is conflict - allow it to settle. If your body is ill - allow it to rest. 
Dynamic stillness is meditation with purpose. Is deep flowing water - that still has so much life going on. Is the sky - you perceive as still but yet so dynamic.

Close your eyes. Sit and watch your breath. Look within and stay with what arises. At first you will find chatter. But then - just as muddy water left alone - you will find the mind settle and go back to quiet. In that quiet space you will be able to rejoice in all the inspiration and answers that will follow. Enjoy 🥰
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